>I have a Facebook profile. One of my friends posts quite often, she is on fire for the Lord and she exhorts us to turn our lives over to Him. She posts essays and videos, she links pages to her profile, she wants us to believe. She believes in His truth and His passion and His love, grace and mercy. I do too, that’s one of the reasons we are such good friends. Her Facebook profile, that’s her mission. Facebook, as well as a few other places, is her mission field. She takes every advantage of all the benefits Facebook affords her in spreading God’s word.

Some days I am sure of my mission field. Some days I am not so sure. Some days I know that I am to go to Mexico and Brazil and other places to reach out to my brothers and sisters in Christ. I know I should helping build homes, playing with kids, helping lead street programs. I also know that I should be talking to others about those experiences, that I should be encouraging others to go on mission trips as well. When I was younger I used to believe that in order to go on a mission trip you had to make it your career, spend years out in the African bush or New Guinea jungles. Now I know that every time you reach out and help a person you are on mission. I know every time you share God’s word you are on mission.

There are other days when I am not sure about my mission field. Those days I run against roadblocks, people refuse to listen, don’t want my help and tell me not to mention the Lord within their hearing. But I also know this: to not speak of the Lord, to not praise His name or glorify His word goes against every fiber of my being. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. In Him I trust, in Him alone. Or as Psalm 62:1 puts it, “My souls waits in silence for God only; From Him is my salvation.” NASB To not share that is to be selfish, to cheat my brothers and sisters of something good and wonderful and blessed. I am not that selfish.


About Go Send or Disobey

John Piper said it succiently... "Go, send, or disobey." This is my journey along path to be a missionary of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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