>Oh yeah!

>I move to my new home on the first of November.  In the midst of my pain and anger I am quite happy about this.  It’s a huge house set in the middle of 5 acres of trees.  I am renting the master suite which is big enough for many people, not just little ol’ me.  It has a nice and big, yet cluttered, kitchen.  I don’t expect I’ll be cooking much anymore but I do have use of it.  There’s a huge flat panel TV in the living room too but I don’t watch much TV.  Maybe I’ll post pictures after I move in.  Especially the view from my deck, there’s 2 ponds among all the trees, and a pool that I won’t have to be afraid to swim in (after she gets it repaired).  Finally, I will have only myself to pick up after, no more fighting over dishes and the trash.  I can’t wait to start my new life!  I wonder if I can get a dog.  They’re much more honest than a man.


About Go Send or Disobey

John Piper said it succiently... "Go, send, or disobey." This is my journey along path to be a missionary of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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