>The Attributes of God – God is Faithful

>I can usually write better about something when I have personal experience of what I am writing about.  I have a lot of experience with God’s faithfulness.  When God makes a promise to us we can count on Him keeping that promise.  It may not always be the in the manner we want it kept or even in the timing we want it kept but He is faithful and keeps His promises.

I have many examples but I am going to use today.  Until today I have been living with my 25 year old son.  Now, my son is a decent guy.  He has his good points and his bad points, like everyone else.  He also has his really nasty points, and those usually only come out when he’s dealing with me.  Not long ago I knew that I would need to move out of my son’s apartment.  When I moved in with him the Lord was providing me with a sanctuary from the previous year and a half.  It had been a difficult time for me and I was in need of a place to live where I could rest and recover.  God provided that with my son.  But after a I had recovered from my bad experiences I needed to get out on my own again.  My son and I started to disagree and our relationship was beginning to fray. 

God promised me that He would move me when it was time.  I began looking for a place to rent, I wanted a roommate situation that would not stress me out.  I needed someone I felt I could be compatible with and who would not try to be my controller or parent.  I am challenged when I try to live with other women, they usually try to mother me, even when, maybe even especially when, I am older than them.    I get along well with male roommates but as a Christian woman that can be really tricky.  I also was looking for a quiet place, another type of sanctuary than the one I had with my son.  The search was proving difficult.  It was taking longer than I wanted, much longer. 

Then in May I fell off my bike and broke my wrist.  I stayed with my parents out of town while I was recovering.  But when I had recovered well enough to return to work I came home.  My son had grown used to my being gone (it had been 2 months) and was unhappy I had returned home.  I met a guy, started dating him and thought we were destined to marry.  My office announced that they were changing locations about 8 miles north of its current location.  All very good and valid reasons to move, I just couldn’t find the right place.  God had promised me the right place, where was it?

The day my boyfriend and I split up I was out looking at possible places to rent.  I answered an ad whose headline read, “A great place for a new start” and made an appointment to visit it.  Set in a rural area, on 5 acres and down a long driveway I found a gem of a house.  An older lady owns this house and rents out rooms.  God started whispering to me as soon as I started down the driveway.  The beauty of this place soothed my soul.  It is peaceful and quiet.  I am one of 6 people living here, it’s a co-ed mix.  I have the master suite so I don’t have to share the bathroom and I even have a private entrance.  Pretty much exactly what I was looking for.  But wait, there’s more.  The owner is a painter, like me.  The owner is also a Christian.  Sounds perfect, looks perfect, I am going to trust God and say it is perfect for me.  God delivered as promised.

But wait, there’s more…  I had scheduled this morning for moving day.  I had friends who were supposed to come by at 10 to help me move the major furniture.  Just prior to ten a couple of my friends called me to tell me they would be late.  Another friend hadn’t confirmed whether or not he’d actually be there and my daughter who was helping me had gone AWOL.  I was beginning to wonder if I was moving this morning.  But before 11 o’clock I had 4 helpers and 2 trucks.  We got all the furniture and some of the smaller boxes moved.  All this just ahead of the rain.  Yes, the heavens opened up and it poured yesterday, after all  my furniture had been moved inside.  We got my bed set up and I was good to go.  God came through for me once again.  He is faithful, he keeps His promises. 

I am now sitting and relaxing in my new home.  A home God had promised me.  A home where I do not feel harrassed and picked on.  A home where I can rest and renew in God’s arms and then go out into the world and be bold in my faith.  I look forward to my next adventure with Him.


About Go Send or Disobey

John Piper said it succiently... "Go, send, or disobey." This is my journey along path to be a missionary of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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