Spiritual Warfare

For the last several weeks my small group Bible Study has been studying Spiritual Warfare.  Now, we know that Satan does not like this.  He does not want us to know his tricks and deceptions.  He does not want us to read the Bible and learn how to overcome his accusations.  Therefore, he will do everything he can to keep me from Bible Study and from fellowship with my friends.  He will do everything he can to keep me from writing here. 

Well, he only partly succeeded.  I have been busy and distracted for a few weeks.  I have been working overtime and spending time with family and friends.  And I did not write anything here.  I did compose a couple new blogs in my mind as I walked through the past few weeks.  Some of those blogs will eventually find their way here, some won’t.  But I have learned one very important lesson during this time.  I am going to put time to write on my schedule so I write at least a few lines every day.

Meanwhile, here’s a picture of the people I spent my time with last weekend.

Okay, okay, technically one of them is a dog.  What can I say? He thinks he’s a people.
The goofball pretending to skate on the ice is my daughter.  We are beginning to build a new relationship after not speaking to each other for over 2 years.  God is so good!

About Go Send or Disobey

John Piper said it succiently... "Go, send, or disobey." This is my journey along path to be a missionary of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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  1. gospelchick says:

    >I'm reading a book by Neil Anderson on spiritual warfare. It's entitled Bondage Breaker. Great read and very insightful. He always refers to sciptureand backs up what he writes. Anyways – a suggestion if you are interested.http://gospelmusicchick.blogspot.com/

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