Warm and Dry

With Tati in town, the current weather and the upcoming trip to Mexico I have been reflecting back on my trip to Brazil in July of 2009.  I am blessed, I am extremely blessed.  One of the blessings that has been bestowed upon me is the knowledge of that blessing.  You see, there are many people who would look at my life and not see any blessings whatsoever.  They would only see the heartbreak and sorrows I have gone through.  My trips to Mexico and Brazil have served to bring my blessings into sharper focus for me.  They have shown me how many of the things I take for granted are really blessings from the Lord.  Things like a roof over my head.  Things like the quality of the roof over my head.  My roof doesn’t leak.  My roof keeps me warm and dry.  I may not enjoy the company of all my roommates but we are a family, a very strange family but a family nonetheless.  I may not have all the latest and greatest “must-have” possessions but I have enough to live a comfortable life.  I have friends, family, my dog and a job.  I am truly blessed.

One afternoon I sat in a living room in Brazil.  This room was smaller than my current bathroom (which is pretty big for a bathroom).  In this room were stuffed 2 couches and an entertainment unit filled with electronic equipment.  There was hardly any floor space in that room.  This was the living room, and the largest room, of the 3 room home where 14 people lived.  Down the middle of the room’s ceiling ran a beam and from that beam dripped rainwater.  It dripped onto my lap as I sat on the couch.  It dripped inches from all that electronic equipment and pending disaster.  I live in a master suite that is bigger than that family’s entire home.  Yes, I am blessed. 

One evening in Brazil I attended a home church.  I’ve written before about this family, the husband and wife who are now caring for their daughter’s young child.  The family whose home was invaded in the middle of the night by corrupt policemen.  They came to take the daughter away and kill her because she was dating an honest policeman.  Yes, I am extremely blessed.

I am sick today.  I have a raging migraine headache that is so bad I am nauseated.  I have been sleeping most of the day in my warm, dry bed.  I have access to medicine and I have paid time off of my job.  These are blessings that many people in Mexico and Brazil and other places around the world do not have.

Thank you, Lord.  I am grateful for these and the many other blessings in my life.  Show me how You want me to express my gratitude.


About Go Send or Disobey

John Piper said it succiently... "Go, send, or disobey." This is my journey along path to be a missionary of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
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