About Karen

I am a missionary-minded Christian, in love with the Lord and trying to maintain an eternal rather than earthly perspective.  Broken and flawed, just like the rest of humanity, therefore striving to study my Bible to bring me into closer companionship with God.

I live in a small northern California town where my other interests include cooking and watercolor painting, not always in that order.  I am currently single.  

Weekdays find me at my desk where I pays bills for an insurance company.  Evenings find me painting, visiting with my children and friends or at Bible study.  Weekends, well weekends are too full for words, I donate my time and energy to causes I believe in, to recreational activities and to the occasional mission trip.  Sometimes I even find time to ride my bicycle.

Causes I volunteer my time and energy for are: my church; San Francisco City Impact; The American Diabetes Association; Restoration Ministries in Sao Paulo, Brazil; Mexico Caravan Ministries in El Florido, Mexico and BloodSource Sacramento.


2 Responses to About Karen

  1. nice to meet you Karen…:) you rock… I see you are on a journey. you are pretty awesome.

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